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East Garston Church Bellringers

All Saints',  East Garston: 17cwt six.  
Visiting bands are welcome and should please contact eastgarston@bellsnearnewbury.org.uk in the first instance.  
Please note that our treble bell is currently unringable due to a crack.  
image of bell clapper

composite image of bell and tower

image of bell ringer


Bell Restoration Project

Most of our bell infrastructure is more than 250 years old and understandably is in need of some care and attention. Our Bell Restoration Project is looking for funds and manpower to support this daunting task. You can find more details here.


You can now make a direct donation to the Bell Restoration Fund (with the benefit of Gift Aid) via The Good Exchange.

PLUS, Greenham Trust will now match fund the first £5,000 donated via the Good Exchange

  contact us:-  eastgarston@bellsnearnewbury.org.uk