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East Garston Coronation Party  7th May 2023Bluebells at Hasham CopseBaggers Bridge from the River LambournFields in Summer 1

Welcome to East Garston

East Garston has an enviable location in wildest West Berkshire; it is a long, narrow parish of nearly 4,500 acres in the far west of the county, between the village of Lambourn and the town of Newbury. The village occupies the centre of the Parish, through which runs the river Lambourn, a winterbourne that is fed from underground aquifers and generally flows from January/February until September/October. The parish has approximately 240 dwellings and a population of 550. The village sits just off the unclassified road that runs from Great Shefford, along the valley to Lambourn. Although the Parish is predominantly a residential area, there are a number of small businesses, an agricultural machinery business and a number of farms and racehorse training stables. Racing is the primary industry in the valley which has developed due to the ideal training conditions on the surrounding chalk downs. 

The Parish Council owns and administers this website for the benefit of the community. It contains all of the official documents for the Parish Council but also aims to enable you to learn more about our community.