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Council Meetings

Meetings of the Parish Council are held bi-monthly (January, March etc.) in the Village Hall, Back Street. They normally take place on a Thursday evening in the first week of the month at 7pm. At least three days before any meeting of the Council or its sub-committees, notice will be posted on the Village Notice Board by the Jubilee Meadow, Back Street and every effort will be made to ensure copies appear in other prominent positions in the Parish including on this website.

Planning sub-committee meetings are held as required and meeting notices are posted as for the bi-monthly meetings. In May 2017, the Parish Council resolved to publish the outcomes of Planning Meetings on this website. You can view the outcomes of the Planning Meetings here.

Members of the public are entitled to attend all meetings of the Council or its sub-committees. However if they wish to make representations to the Council, this must be requested in writing to the Clerk at least five days prior to the meeting and must be relevant to an agenda item or at the discretion of the Chairman. From time to time the Chairman may deem, due to the nature of the business to be transacted, that it would be advisable in the public interest for the public to be excluded; in which case they will be asked to temporarily withdraw.

Relevant documents to an agenda item may be inspected by appointment with the Clerk.

An Annual Parish Meeting is normally held in April and notice is posted as for normal Council Meetings. 

Minutes of bi-monthly Parish Council Meetings covering the current year plus the previous year are normally published on this website. All minutes are available for inspection by appointment with the Clerk. The most recent minutes are normally available within 14 days of a meeting in draft form prior to adoption by the Council.

Provisional Dates for Parish Council Meetings

2023 2024
5th January 
11th January
 2nd March 7th March
  20th April (Annual Parish Meeting)    April (Annual Parish Meeting) TBC
18th May May TBC
24th July July TBC
31st August September TBC
  9th November November TBC


Parish Council Minutes


2023 2022 2021
  November November
  September September
  June July
July 2023 (draft) May May
May 2023 Annual Parish Meeting  
March 2023 March March
January - January(2) Financial January January


2020 2019 2018
November November  November
September September  September
July July July
May May May, May Extraordinary
  Annual Parish Meeting Annual Parish Meeting
March March March
January January January

2017 2016 2015
November November November
September September September
July July July
May May May
 Annual Parish Meeting  Annual Parish Meeting Annual Parish Meeting
March March March
January January January