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Flower and Produce Show 2016

East Garston Flower & Produce Show Report, 

Sunday 4th September 2016

Winners all round in East Garston.

There were many very worthy winners at this year’s annual Flower and Produce Show staged by the East Garston Allotment Association on Sunday.

Despite what everyone agreed was a terrible growing season this year, the quality of vegetable and flower entries was remarkably high, however the special Vegetable Disaster Class produced some amazing specimens. The cakes, breads and jams were up to their usual high standard, and the children’s classes were well supported with miniature gardens, art, and promise of a real challenge to the adults with some of the excellent baking entries.

To tickle the taste buds even more, Ollie Shute, a keen Allotment member and co-founder of The Wild Fork catering company, gave an enthralling cookery demonstration featuring Beetroot and Wood Pigeon (with a mouth-watering way of dealing with these particular allotment pests!) as well as provided the gourmet burgers that sold out within minutes.

Creativity came to the fore with the Children’s Fancy Dress Parade producing such entries as Broccoli, Bunches of Grapes, and Strawberries. A new class this year was Photography, which unearthed some seriously talented local photographers exhibiting, in particular, some remarkable wildlife shots.

Finally, no Show would be complete without its very own star auctioneer (and Racing Trainer!) Pat Murphy, who managed to sell every last bit of the all the produce whilst at the same time providing some hilarious entertainment.

Watch out for next year’s Show.

Martyn Wright


image of hall with people and produce displayed image of hall with produce on tables
image of people laughing in the hall image of flowers displayed on the table
image of produce displayed on the table image of flowers displayed on the table
image of cakes displayed on the table image of sweetcorn and carrots displayed on the table
image of flowers and first prize certificate image of child wearing first prize tag on their cardigan
image of winners of the Children's fancy dress parade image of creative design on plate
image of produce displayed on plate image of runner up winner of garden on plate
image of cupcakes displayed image of first prize wildlife image
image of breads on display image of Ollie Shute giving a cookery demonstration
image of onions that won first prize image of Ollie Shute and helper during the cookery demonstration
image of first prize miniature garden cpmpetition image of first prize Lady's corsage
image of first prize animal made up of produce