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Announcing New Content on this Website

We are pleased to let you know that we have developed some new content that we hope you will find useful and of interest.

The River Lambourn is the central feature of the village and is of great natural value and interest. It is a "Special Area of Conservation" and a "Site of Special Scientific Interest". Take a look at the new web pages celebrating the habitat and wildlife of this local treasure here.

Unfortunately, closely associated with our chalkland landscape are the risks associated with groundwater flooding. An interest group has recently been established in the village by residents potentially affected. There are now some new web pages providing background information and how to become part of the East Garston Flood Forum.

The Bells at All Saints' Church have been sadly silent during lockdown and due to their poor condition are in danger of becoming permanently so. Our small but enthusiastic group of Bellringers are looking for support to bring the bells back to their former glory. The Bells themselves have a fascinating history and so we have resurrected some archive material regarding their history and added information about the Bell Restoration Project.

When we can, we like to share articles about Local History. At a meeting of the Local History Society a couple of years ago, Dawn Tonge recited a poem by late resident Bill Frankum, supported by historic family photos. We are pleased that we can bring this content to you on our website. The poem is about his early 20th century Childhood Memories of East Garston. We are sure that you will be entranced.