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Giant Sunflower Competition 2020

Congratulations to all who entered the East Garston lockdown sunflower growing competition. An amazing collection of entries from some very, very big ones to the not so big!
The winner was Dick Sargeant with his sunflower that stands at an amazing 8ft 5' (an official East Garston World Record!). Unfortunately Dick couldn't make the presentations, so Val collected his prize on his behalf.
Second was Scottish Brian at 8ft 1' and third was Rose Alder at 8ft.
We had lots of entries around the 6 & 7ft and the booby prize is shared between Pat Murphy and the Claytons whose sunfloweres measured 5ft 2' - but at least they were brave enough to enter!
Other winners were Libby Pannett-Smith (biggest head) and Monty (prettiest sunflower).
Much looking forward to the 2021 competition, which I think could get a little serious!!
Freddie Tulloch
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