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Safeguarding and the Church

Safeguarding – information from The Lambourn Valley Benefice.

In the light of recent news relating to safeguarding nationally, in the Church and more locally I am writing to let you know that in the Lambourn Valley Benefice we are fortunate in having a dedicated and experienced Safeguarding Team. We are committed to best practice when it comes to care for vulnerable adults, children and young people. There is a clear system of safeguarding and the structures we have are absolutely as they should be. We have regular reviews to identify possible gaps or problems. Our desire is that each church is a place of safety, welcome and trust for everybody.

At present we are going through a review of the paperwork we hold in the parish around safeguarding, as is the whole Church of England. Every church in the country is now undertaking a review.  If you have information or need to make a disclosure regarding church-related abuse, please make direct contact with the Safeguarding Team at the Diocese of Oxford on 01865 208290.

If you have experience of abuse from within the Church of England, you may prefer to call the dedicated telephone NSPCC helpline, which is independent of the Church. Call 0800 80 20 20. It is available to anyone wishing to provide information or to raise concerns regarding abuse within the Church of England. Your call is confidential, and your concerns will be taken seriously.

If you would ever like to talk to anybody please feel free to contact the clergy,  myself (07749 844600) and Christine Allsopp (01488 674108)  or the Safeguarding Officer of the Benefice, Bruce Laurie (01488 71294) who is readily available along with representatives in Eastbury, Jenny Powell (01488 72741), in East Garston, Karen Sperrey (01488 648365). And finally, our desire is that each church is a place of safety, welcome and trust for everybody. God bless,

Julie Mintern, Vicar of the Lambourn Valley Benefice