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Coronavirus and Local Help for those Self Isolating

There is much on TV and in the press about managing the Coronavirus outbreak, so this newsletter will only consider local matters. Lambourn Surgery is currently managing appointments via telephone only. See details here. Over the coming weeks it is inevitable that an increasing number of our neighbours will be self isolating. East Garston has a strong community spirit and help is usually at hand, if you ask. If you need some help with shopping, errands or suchlike then please contact Chris Tonge on 648370 or christopherjtonge@gmail.com who will be coordinating help. If you would like to volunteer to help out , then please also contact Chris as above.
Another way that you could help someone who may be self isolating is the #viralkindness campaign which is proving successful in other communities. If you think someone might need help then print off this card and pop it through their door.