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Covid Vaccinations for Patients of Lambourn Surgery (UPDATED 17/3/21)

This page will be a rolling update of news from Lambourn Surgery regarding the Covid 19 Vaccination Programme for their patients.

Information provided by Lambourn Surgery and the Patient Participation Group

17th March 2021

COVID JAB progress update:

I am really pleased to be able to tell you that between the mass vaccination sites and our Newbury racecourse site that we are making really good progress through the cohorts.
The surgery, as you will now be aware have been focusing on cohort 6 (aged 16-65 with underlying health conditions). This week this entire cohort will have received an invitation for an appointment at the racecourse. The last few will go out in the next day or so, for an appointment between the 18th and the 21st March.
We will also be in a position to invite cohort 5 patients ( 65-69) who preferred Newbury racecourse to the same clinic dates.
Once both of these cohorts are complete we will be able to invite patients aged 60-64 (cohort 7) and depending on vaccine supply, patients aged 55-59 (cohort 8).
You may receive an invitation from a mass site as well as us. We are unable to see if you have had an invitation from them, so please decline ours via the option on the text message if you have already booked at a mass site.
We also approaching the time when we will begin second doses for those patients over 80 who had their vaccination back in January. We will be in touch individually with those groups as they become eligible for dose 2 to confirm the date and time.

10th March 2021

COHORT 6 (16 - 64 years 'at risk')
We are still in the process of inviting this cohort for their vaccine, we think we're around half way through. This is the largest and most complex cohort and unfortunately we can only vaccinate at the speed of the supply we're given which we have been told will be picking up over the next couple of weeks. Please continue to wait to hear from us, we will be in touch soon and really appreciate your patience during this anxious time.
COHORTS 1 - 4 (70+ years and CEV)
If for whatever reason you are yet to be vaccinated but are now in a position to take up the offer, please do get in touch with us by any means so we can get you booked in.
COHORTS 5, 7 & 8 (55 - 69 years)
You are now able to book to have your vaccine at a mass vaccination site or local pharmacy site - please visit https://www.nhs.uk/.../coro.../book-coronavirus-vaccination/ or call 119.
If you are 65 years or above and would prefer to come to us at the Racecourse, please contact your surgery via their website.
If you are 55 - 64 and would prefer to come to us, please wait to hear from us - we will invite you when the priority cohorts above you have been completed.
On Monday 8th March guidance was published around inviting carers (paid and unpaid) for their covid vaccination. Unpaid carers are part of cohort 6, the group of patients predominantly being invited to GP led sites such as ours.
An adult carer is defined as “Those who are eligible for a carer’s allowance, or those who are the sole or primary carer of an elderly or disabled person who is at increased risk of COVID-19 mortality and therefore clinically vulnerable.”
Those clinically vulnerable to COVID include:
• children with severe neuro-disabilities
• those who are designated Clinically Extremely vulnerable (CEV)
• adults who have underlying health conditions (as defined in table 3 of the Green Book)
• those who need care because of advanced age.
Identification and invitation:
We wrote a post a little while ago advising people who are unpaid carers to register via their GP websites. This means that the carer's patient record has a 'flag' attached to identify them as a carer.
Those identified by the GP carer’s flag will be called by their GP practice who will be delivering vaccinations through a local Primary Care Network. For us, that's at the Newbury Vaccination Centre. We are sending text messages to invite you for your vaccination.
All other unpaid carers are being invited via the NHS National Booking Service. The NHS will develop a list of people who are below age 64 and are eligible for a carer’s allowance or have been identified as eligible by the Council.
Patients in cohort 6, including unpaid carers, are being invited to receive their vaccination currently. As we have said before, this is a large group and we are about half way through. With supplies to the vaccine anticipated to accelerate over the next couple of weeks, unpaid carers should be invited soon if they haven't already. As ever, we appreciate your patience at an anxious time.
If you are an unpaid carer and in need of support, the Reading and West Berkshire Carers Hub exists to support carers and make their lives easier in a variety of ways. For more information please go to https://www.tuvida.org/reading-west-berkshire-hub

4th March 2021

Covid Vaccine update:
We are all delighted to hear about the progress of the rolling out of the Covid vaccine and look forward to this improving the quality of life for all of us.
We know that you, like us, are struggling with the continued confines imposed upon us all due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Everyone is trying to make the best of the situation and, as a practice, we are committed to caring for you in the best possible way whilst keeping both you and our team safe.
This is the latest information we have regarding the vaccine programme, and we will try and keep you informed as new information comes out.
Patients aged 60-69 will have received either a letter to attend a mass Vaccination Site or a phone call or a text message to book an appointment. Initially GP practices started to vaccinate patients aged 65 to 69 but were then asked to concentrate on cohort 6 (patients aged 18 to 64 with underlying health conditions) and the Mass Vaccination Sites were asked to vaccinate patients aged 65 to 69. They have now progressed to 60-64. Mass vaccination sites locally include , Swindon, Wroughton and Oxford. The appointment offered will depend on availability at the time of booking. The support of the mass vaccination sites mean we can get more patients vaccinated more quickly.From the surgery, we are concentrating on cohort 6 as above. Around a week before a delivery of vaccines we are told how many vaccines we will receive the following week and on which day. This is why we cannot give appointments very far in advance.
If you are in cohort 6, we will call you when it is your turn, by text initially, which we will follow up with a phone call if you do not book. If you do not have a mobile phone, we will call your landline.
If you would prefer to have your vaccination at Newbury racecourse rather than the mass site, and you are not in cohort 6, please let us know via the website and we will add you to our invitation list. Please bear in mind we have to complete cohort 6 first, so it will take longer to receive your invitation.
Appointments for 2nd vaccines will be given around 10 to 12 weeks after your first vaccine. As we only know our delivery schedule one week at a time we no longer book both vaccines at the same time.
Please be assured we will contact you for your 2nd vaccine.
Thank you for your patience.

15th February 2021

You may have heard in the news of the plan for the next cohorts of patients to be invited forward for the COVID vaccination.

GP surgeries have been asked by NHS England to invite all patients aged 16-65 with underlying health conditions (Cohort 6). For more information on which conditions are in this group please see the link below:

Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation: advice on priority groups for COVID-19 vaccination, 30 December 2020 - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)
We will begin inviting this group of patients this week. Please do not contact the surgery regarding this. We will be running searches on our patient list to identify all patients who fall into these groups. If you are eligible to receive the vaccine you will receive an invitation from us shortly. It will take around 3 weeks to get through this cohort so please do not worry if you do not hear immediately. We will be in touch.

If you are aged 65-69 (Cohort 5) you will receive an invitation from one of the mass sites in the coming days. The nearest are in Swindon, Basingstoke and Oxford. If you prefer to attend the service led by us at the racecourse, you can of course do so. Please let us know via the website using the “ask the practice a question” contact form and we will add you to our call list.

If you are in cohorts 1-4 and have not heard from us yet, please do get in touch via the website and we will ensure you receive your vaccination as a priority.

Please do not contact the surgery to ask about your vaccine unless you are aged 70 or over. When it is your turn, we will be in touch.

Many thanks for your patience regarding this programme.

10th February 2021

We have now contacted or attempted to contact all of our patients aged 70 years and over.
If you have not heard from us please call the surgery appointments line on 01488-72299 to arrange your COVID vaccination appointment at Newbury Racecourse.

8th February 2021

The racecourse vaccination centre is now fully up and running and administering vaccine as fast as deliveries of vaccine allow. The first week of February saw the 10,000th vaccination delivered just 3 weeks after operations started and the second week of February sees vaccine deliveries arriving on six consecutive days. It is expected that the government target of everyone in the top 4, at risk, groups being offered a vaccine by 15th February will be met. If you have not yet been contacted don’t worry the surgery will keep trying.

Up until now all patients have been contacted by phone in order to make an appointment. From the 2nd week of February, a new text-based system is being trialled to make the booking process quicker and easier for all. Once it is your turn and there is a vaccination slot available you will receive a text message from a company called Accubook. By clicking on the link within this message you will be able to book your COVID vaccination appointment at Newbury Racecourse. This text message is genuine and not a scam, at no point will you be asked for any money. If the surgery does not have a mobile telephone number for you then you will be contacted via your landline.

29th January 2021

COVID vaccination Clinics update:
I am delighted to be able to tell you we are making good progress with the vaccination programme. We have had lots of really lovely feedback from those who have attended already which is much appreciated.
We have now contacted the majority of cohorts 1 and 2 (Care homes and staff, Over 80's and health and social care workers) , we are a good way through cohort 3 (75-79) and will be starting to call cohort 4 (70-74 plus clinically extremely vulnerable) from tomorrow.
If you are in any of the earlier cohorts and we have not been able to contact you yet, don't worry. We will keep trying.
Some patients have received a national invitation by letter to one of the mass sites in Oxford, Marlow and Basingstoke. If you prefer to attend there, it is entirely your choice. Just bear in mind, that is where your second dose will be too.
The surgery has no control over these letters, so apologies if they have been confusing. We are not informed to whom and when they will be sent.
Thank you again for all the positive feedback, and special thanks to all the volunteers who are helping us steer our way through this huge project. It would not be possible without you all. It was especially lovely when I spotted 2 huge boxes of cakes donated by our very own “Lambourn Bakers” Thank you

28th January 2021

You will already be familiar with awful stories of scammers taking advantage of vulnerable people and taking their money for bogus vaccines.
We have become aware that our operation at the racecourse is being targeted by crooks in the local area who are telling people to turn up at the Newbury Vaccination Centre in exchange for cash.
This is a scam.
There are no Covid vaccines available on the private market. The NHS will never ask for payment details to secure your appointment.
All appointments for the Vaccination Centre are booked directly with the surgery. Anyone without an appointment is turned away.
Please be scam aware.

4th January 2021

COVID 19 Vaccinations

Good news! We have just had notification that we can now share some information about the vaccination programme for Lambourn Surgery patients.

Due to the nature of this vaccine and the need to reduce wastage, and work at scale, we have joined forces with 8 other Newbury practices.

We will be delivering the vaccine from the Grandstand building at Newbury Racecourse. We realise this is not as convenient for our patients, in that there will be a need to travel, but because of the delivery logistics and the need to deliver at scale we cannot do this from the surgery at this stage.

We will be commencing vaccinations during week commencing the 11th January. We have not yet had exact confirmation on the dates.

As soon as we have this, we will start calling the first cohort which is the over 80's.

Please do not call us, we will call you to book your appointment in order of priority according to the National Criteria which we are unable to deviate from.

We are very excited to begin work on this vaccination programme, please bear with us, we are all working very hard to bring this to you as fast and as safely as we can.